How to install website speedy on Squarespace?

Posted on 2023-03-13 Updated on 2024-05-06

To install Website Speedy on your Squarespace, Watch this video


follow these steps:

Step 1: Login/Signup to the Speedy website.

Step 2: Navigate to the left side menu and select the "Install Speedy Website" option.

Step 3: In the first step, Enter URLs of 3 important Pages from your Website.

Step 4: In Second Step Install Speed Enhancement Script in your website as per instructions.

Step 5: Log in to your Squarespace account.

Step 6: Click on "Settings" in the main menu and select "Advanced."Squarespace installation step six

Step 7: From the Advanced menu, click on "Code Injection."Squarespace installation step seven

Step 8: Here, add your custom code in the header section.Squarespace installation step eight

Step 9: Click on the "Save" button to implement your changes.

Step 10: Click the Verification button in Step 2 of Websitespeedy dashboard once you have added the script. for successful integration.

Step 11: Now you can compare side by side performance and speed insights.

Step 12: Request WebsiteSpeedy team to Perform a manual Audit and make optimizations on your website to further speed improvement.

Note: Speed might fluctuate depending upon different factors. Read more about speed fluctuating factors here.

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